Helpful Links

The internet can be a vast sea of helpful and not-so-helpful opinions and voices in regard to counseling and mental health; combing through all of this information can be exhausting. We created this page to serve as a helpful starting point to finding some useful resources.


The Gospel Coalition (articles and posts discussing current and popular topics from a biblical worldview)

Desiring God (articles and posts aiming to demonstrate the supremacy of God in all topics and facets of life)

Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (counseling-topics-related resources which aim to be Christ-centered, practical, and biblically sound)

Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (various articles, essays, and resources detailing a biblical worldview on counseling-related topics and issues)

Biblical Counseling Coalition (blog, updated daily, covering a multitude of topics related to counseling, mental health, Christianity, and popular culture) 

Professional Associations

Associations that offer training, certification, and resources for those interested in biblical counseling: 

Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

Association of Biblical Counselors

Christian Counseling and Education Foundation